TABLETZ Mission is to deliver CBD supplement in the most pure, safe, and effective form ideal for Everyday Use, and to promote well-being of mind/body for Everyone.





TABLETZ was developed to become one-of-a-kind CBD supplement brand in partnership with a leading nutraceutical firm, implicating their patented sublingual melt technology. We offer a combination of solutions that counter common issues of existing ingestible CBD products i.e. Tincture Oils, Gummies, Gel Capsules, Chocolate Bars, Food Products, Teas, and Beverages, making TABLETZ the most unique and innovative CBD supplement brand. 

TABLETZ is the new generation of CBD that will change the world of CBD supplement. Its effectiveness, great taste, and convenient form are sure to cater everyone who’s looking for CBD supplement as a part of healthy daily routine.

  1. The CBD extracted raw material (Broad Spectrum, made in USA) is tested by for potency and all heavy metals and pesticides.
  2. Processed CBD is sent to the TABLETZ plant facility, where up on intake of the material, the active CBD is quarantined and a batch is sent for 3rd party testing by or
  3. Once the material batch has been cleared by the lab for production, the manufacturing process begins. After the 1st production run, a random sample will be sent to for potency tests to ensure the levels of CBD are accurate.
  4. When the manufacturing process is complete a random sample from each batch will be sent in its finished packaging to
  5. TABLETZ will perform one last testing by right before the products leave our shipping facility. Shipments will not be released without TABLETZ QA final approval.